Aimee Griffin

The best part of my work is when I get to stand back for a moment at an event and see my clients totally at ease.  Laughing with their favorite people, without a care in the world.  That is what keeps me going each day, whether I am walking my clients through choosing a caterer and menu, designing an unified event decor scheme, or even selecting an appropriate napkin fold. 

I believe details matter.  I think putting thought into the small things communicates a lot about how you do life.  But, these small things (like napkin folds) have no right to take away from the important things you do on a daily basis. 

You have the ability to plan your event.  But, you want whatever spare time you have for other things- like spending time together without talking about wedding plans, volunteer work, or travels and adventures.  My clients are creative, intelligent, resourceful people.  None of them have ever come to me saying “I can’t plan my event.” Instead it is always, “We need help with our event.”  You may have a graduate degree to complete, a job you love that requires a lot of your time and energy, or children who are your top priority. 

My passion is to enable my clients to be present.  To be present in your daily lives, thoughtful in your plans, and carefree at your celebrations.  I embrace the details and planning process required to create graceful, luxurious events so that you can enjoy the celebration without breaking stride from your fulfilling, daily life. 


Kind Words

"We most respect Aimee’s keen ability to listen to what we were trying to create and her skill in bringing it to fruition. Her experience shows in her ability to multi-task and manage both the vendors and our families/guests without ever seeming overwhelmed or put out (we actually think she has fun doing it)."
- Manisha & Brian
"Aimee is completely professional, but has a sense of humor, and a light heartedness to how she approaches everything. Whenever I had a question for her, she got me the answer immediately."
- Rich B.
“My parents and I were able to relax and enjoy the event while Aimee made sure that all my decorations went exactly where we discussed, coordinated with the DJ, photographer, and caterer, loaded up our honeymoon bags in our getaway car, and did so many other tasks to make our day perfect. Aimee Griffin is an absolute gem and you will not be disappointed if you hire her!!!”
- Alison H.
“From helping to catch and corral our chickens to move out of earshot of the ceremony, to magically producing an umbrella to place over the bagpiper playing Amazing Grace as rain gently began, she was willing to tackle every job that made the wedding a great success. Aimee performed countless unasked duties (as well as the asked) and she did it all with grace, enthusiasm, professionalism and a smile”
- Cathleen M.
“Aimee was so wonderful to work with because she knew exactly how to take my jumbled thoughts and expectations and piece them together to make just what I desired! She brings beauty to everything she touches.”
- Julie M.
“Aimee developed creative and affordable decor for a going away party that expressed our theme in a polished manner. She has a great eye for color and paid close attention to the flow of the party set up, plus the needs of our guests.”
- Stephanie L.
“Aimee was so helpful with our mom’s surprise 75th Birthday Party! I had a picture in my head of what we wanted to accomplish and Aimee surpassed my expectations in making that picture a reality.”
- Katie B.

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