Inspiration: Greenery Outdoor Pop-Up Wedding

One of the main things I hear from my wedding planning clients is they want their guests to enter their wedding and think “This perfectly represents the couple.”  They want an authentic wedding celebration rather than feeling bound by wedding trends and etiquette. Personality rather than snobbery.  

In my wedding design process, I discover what is essential to my engaged couples- what makes them unique and strengthens their love and respect for one another.  We work together to create a wedding design that reflects them rather than a current trend.


Inspiration: A no-Rules Wedding

I was inspired by an impromptu birthday party I attended at this architectural ruin.  My desire was to play with contrasts and nature as it slowly tears down the rock walls built generations ago.  I wanted to contrast casual attitude and elegant details, a playful couple and sincere vows, and the wildness of nature with man-made structure.  

For this wedding inspiration, I asked:
What happens if you throw out the traditional wedding rule book? No dance floor or wedding party introductions?  

What if you invite your favorite people to a magical spot and surprise them with an intimate wedding ceremony amidst architectural ruins?  

And throw an elegant dinner party including foraged greenery as decor, artisan bread, and a showstopper cake?  

It’s a memorable celebration.


The love Story

The groom waits for his bride along the path to the quarry where they will say their wedding vows. They and their guests enjoy locally distilled bourbon, regional wine, and an intimate dinner. The evening ends with a canoe ride on the nearby Potomac River next to the canal path where they met.

The wedding design Details

Even in outdoor settings, weddings carry a momentous weight so elegant shoes, custom jewelry and thoughtful accessories reveal the couple takes their ceremony seriously. Guests sense the importance as they sit down to elegant place settings including individual salt and pepper shakers and pure linen napkins.   

The Result

Laughter and smiles are as important as sensuality and intimacy.  And whimsical, intimate moments welcome the guests into the celebration of their love. The groom helping the bride take her hair down, making a wish on a dandelion puff, and the playfulness of a married couple who truly enjoys being together all create an authentically personal wedding.

The end goal for me as a planner is for the wedding to truly reflect the couple.  It’s not about my portfolio or design aesthetic.  It’s about freeing them to celebrate in the way that most truly reflects them.


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