Just Married

After spending months or years planning your wedding, what happens the next day?
Is it truly all over or has it just begun?  

What does it look like to be just married?

This project was the product of Cece (of Cecile Davis Films) and myself discussing the reality of the wedding weekend.

We compiled our stories of “Just Married” couples and came up with a storyline that melds many of the weddings we’ve witnessed or experienced.  We wanted to present it with beauty, humor, and the joyfulness of having celebrated an important milestone well.

We wanted to find that place where the wedding that you dream of intersects with the lovely reality of life.  It's a little messy, a little silly, and full of the love that makes a marriage thrive. 

The Story

The morning after their wedding, our couple greets the morning, having stayed up all night celebrating with their friends and family.  

There is a glow of happiness and contentment as well as a satisfied weariness when they return to their home before leaving on their honeymoon.  Both have lived abroad and share an affinity for all things European, but they saved Iceland to explore together.  

Still wearing the clothes they were married in, they recover from their celebration with a brief nap.

He wakes up first to get simple, fresh breakfast fare at the local market and picks up a paper-wrapped bouquet from the corner stand for her.  

But they are unable to refrain from eating the top of their cake for breakfast.  

Boutique-DC-Wedding-Planner-A-Griffin-Events-Just-Married-71 copy.jpg

They explore the images on their wedding hashtag...

pack for their honeymoon...

and leave for the airport.

This session also comes from a personal place for me (Aimee).  The day after my wedding, there was a feeling of let down.  My wedding had been beyond perfect, in fact I was shocked by how well it went and how much I loved every minute.  

However, the eight months I spent planning it were over, and the celebration was over.   It was all over so quickly.  

And many of my clients express the same thing.

All the possibilities of what your wedding may be like, feel like and who will be there, are now in the past.   We want couples to know that there is life after your wedding day-  no matter how tired (and hungover) you may feel.  There is joy, intimacy, laughter, dreaming, and sharing of meals and adventures.  While your wedding may be over, your life together has just begun.


My heartfelt gratitude to the vendors who took a chance with something out of the norm and contributed to the beauty and fun of this editorial:

Photographer and Co-Stylist: Cecile Davis Films
Models: Victoria Toland and Tim Sansone
Hair and Make-Up: Cait Gibbons of Pretty Weird Beauty
Dresses: Skirt and Bustier from Rebecca Schoneveld and Hitched Bridal Salon (dress by Christos)
Jewelry: J'Adorn Designs
Ring: By Angeline
Cake: Smith Island Cake

And thank you to Eastern Shore Weddings for featuring this editorial!

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