meet the team

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Our passion is to enable our clients to be present.  To be present in your daily lives, thoughtful in your plans, and carefree at your celebrations.  We embrace the details and planning process required to create graceful, luxurious events so that you can enjoy the celebration without breaking stride from your fulfilling, daily life. 


aimee griffin

Owner & Lead Event Designer

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The best part of my work is when I get to stand back for a moment at an event and see my clients totally at ease, laughing with their favorite people, without a care in the world. That is what keeps me going each day, whether I am walking my clients through choosing a caterer and menu, designing an unified event decor scheme, or even selecting an appropriate napkin fold. 

I believe details matter. I think putting thought into the small things communicates a lot about your life and sense of style. But, these small things (like napkin folds) have no right to take away from the important things you do on a daily basis. 

I strive to be a force of optimism and security in an otherwise chaotic world of planning and decision-making. I find joy in the little things and look for beauty in every day life. I truly love my job and when you love what you do, there isn't a day that goes by that feels like work. 


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jorian lenik

associate event designer & planner

I'm a Chicago native, Queen fanatic, ex-makeup artist, and cat enthusiast. There's nothing I love more than good margaritas, Sephora deliveries, and The Office. For me, being a wedding planner isn't just fun- I love what I do because it allows me to build relationships with incredible people every day and learn something new from each experience.

My ultimate goal is to make your vision come to life while keeping you as stress free as possible. Life will always hand you lemons but planning your wedding shouldn't be one of them. When it comes down to it, the process should be enjoyable and it should be exciting to create these lasting memories. That excitement is what I strive to accomplish when I'm helping clients choose a color palette, overall decor, or even just a signature cocktail. I embrace details, welcome a challenge, and pride myself on staying calm and collected no matter the situation. 


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rachel romine

month of coordination specialist

I create spaces, experiences, environments, moments and most importantly, memories. I love the details. Every great, successful event you remember had someone behind the scenes attending to the details. I love being that person. It’s not just ensuring the textured linens coordinate with the style of the florals, it’s the flow of your event, it’s when everything is perfectly in sync. It’s the moment when the music is right, the vibe is there, and you are experiencing all aspects of your celebration come together that gives me joy and satisfaction in what I do.


I pride myself in personally getting to know my clients in a way that makes planning your event fun. Creating relationships  is my favorite part of the experience, and the most critical. It helps me individualize the event and make it a unique expression of who you are and what you value.