National Museum of Women in the Arts

Alicia Lacey Photography,

Washington, D.C.

Meridian House

Lauren Louise Collective,

Washington, D.C.


Top of the Hay at
The Hay Adams

Sam Hurd, Washington, D.C.

Union Station

Sarah Bradshaw Photography,

Washington, D.C.


Accelerator Space

Mikayla Herrick Photography,

Baltimore, MD


Gran Convento

Rebecca Wilcher Photography,

Amalfi, Italy


The Showroom

Rebecca Wilcher Photography, Washington, D.C.

Meridian House

Liz Fogarty Photography,

Washington, D.C.


OMNI Grove Park Inn

Two Rings Studio,

Asheville, N.C.

The Jefferson Hotel

Kim Stockwell Photography,

Richmond, VA


Stone Tower Winery

Hannah Leigh Photography,

Leesburg, VA

The Clifton Inn

Cramer Photography,

Charlottesville, VA