Design and Planning for a Carefree Wedding Day

You both are living lives you love.  You work hard and play hard.  You would rather collect experiences than things.

It's not that you are too busy to plan a wedding, or that your wedding day isn't important.  It is very important.  The issue is that the wedding you want requires time and attention to (often mundane) details, and you would rather spend that time together doing the things you are passionate about. 

You are passionate about some areas of your wedding.  Perhaps the dress, the photography, and the venue.  There are also personal details that you would like to incorporate into your wedding day. 

But more than anything, there is a feel that you are going for- an atmosphere or experience that represents you as a couple.  Perhaps you both love to travel and your wedding should incorporate places that are important to you- whether through the menu, decor, or music.  Or your first date included a visit to a food truck and you want to bring that laid-back feeling to your wedding meal followed by an amazing party at a beautiful venue.  


You want a thoughtful day where each element and detail contribute to the atmosphere you want to create. 

I'm not here to take over your wedding day. 

I am here to enable you to have the stunning wedding you want without neglecting the people and things that are important to you.  

I am here to listen carefully to what you both want, work with you to develop a plan for your wedding, and walk you both through the process so that you grow closer through that experience. 

I am here to recommend people I've worked with and trust to give you what you want for your wedding day. 

I am here to advocate for you in all contract negotiations and scheduling concerns. 

I am there on your wedding day to ensure all the details you selected are present, your guests are warmly welcomed and treated in the way you would treat them, your wedding party is not enslaved by tasks but celebrating with you, and you both are freed up to be fully present to each other.


Still with me?  I am always happy to speak with engaged couples to answer any questions or concerns they have about the wedding planning process.  Use the button below to contact me for a completely free, no strings attached consultation.


Photography by Two Ring Studios, Eleven Weddings, Rebecca Wilcher